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How to sell your home

Myth: You need to time the market to be successful.
Fact: How you market your home will make all the difference.

Timing the market does not guaranty success. It isn’t a strategy, its a gamble. Do not concern yourself if it is a buyers or a sellers market or hold off for a better time of year. Ask how you should sell, not when you should sell.

You are entering the house selling business. It is time to do some market research. What type of person is going to value your house most? How much can he or she afford? What makes your house so desirable to that type of person? Your realtor can help you get answers and develop a marketing plan.

8 ways to get your house ready


So important to make the home feel as spacious as possible.


If there are things to fix up around the home, fix them! A well-maintained home shows the buyers that you care about your home.


Spend the time and money on doing a fresh coat of paint or touch ups…but make sure to stay away from the crazy and bright colours…very distracting.


If your home is vacant, you may want to consider having it staged to help it sell quicker. Consult with your agent about options.


Leave blinds open and have lights on before a showing.

Deep clean

From floor to ceiling and everything in between needs to be cleaned.


Bake some cookies before a showing is ideal.


Help your basement stay dry…use a dehumidifier if needed.

Ready to sell your home?

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